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Antibody Licensing Deals in China H1 2021 Summary

Updated on Feb. 7, 2022
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We are excited to announce that PharmaDJ, a leading trade media publishing house and consulting firm, and the Chinese Antibody Society (CAS) will collaborate to provide comprehensive analysis and reports about therapeutic antibody licensing deals between Chinese biopharma and overseas companies. This is our first business report for the first half of the 2021.

Nineteen antibody deals were closed at a total value of ~ $7.8 billion in H1 2021. Thirteen of them were licensing-in deals; 6 were out-licensing deals. Among all the assets involved, ten assets were in the pre-clinical stage, six programs were in clinical development, and four programs were approved products.

Sixty-three percent of the assets licensed are naked monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). While most of these mAbs focus on oncology targets, two of them target neurodegenerative diseases. Four BsAb license-in deals in H1 2021- Two are in clinical stages and two are in pre-clinical stages. Although the number of ADC deals is low in our covered period (only 1 out of 19), domestic ADC development is making significant progress. There were also four immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) deals valued at more than $2.85 billion total and accounting for 40% of the disclosed total payments of all 19 deals.

For more details of the analysis and reports, please see the published postin Officitial WeChat Account of Chinese Antibody Society.

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