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Developing human sialidase as novel cancer therapeutics for degrading sialoglycans


Dr. Li Peng

Immune checkpoint blockade has revolutionized cancer treatment. However, most patients encounter resistance not yet overcome by existing therapeutic approaches, urging the need for innovative therapies. Sialoglycans have emerged as a new dimension of immune checkpoints on various tumors that impair immune response. Cleaving off sialoglycans from tumors using a tumor-associated …

Recent Advance in Neutralizing Antibody (NAb) Assay in Immunogenicity Testing for Biotherapeutics


Dr. Weifeng Xu

Biotherapeutics such as mAbs are immunogenic hence can induce anti-drug Abs (ADA) including neutralizing ADA (NAb). These ADA/NAb can induce broad side-effects such as injection site overreaction, reduced exposure, to life-threatening endogenous counterpart neutralization and allergic response. Hence immunogenicity testing including ADA screening, confirmation and titer as well as NAb …

Cell Therapy is at an Inflection Point


Richard Liqun Wang Ph. D., MBA.

As we moved to the 21st century, more new therapy modalities have emerged. Among them, CAR-T cell therapies have recently gained marketing approval and opened new opportunities to save lives of refractory and relapsed cancer patients. At the same time, we have to be aware of the commercial limitation on …

Inhalable fully humanized nanobodies against SARS-CoV-2


Dr. Tianlei Ying

Nanobodies are typically obtained by immunizing camels or alpacas, and their animal-derived components have potential safety risks in clinical applications. In recent years, Dr. Ying’s team has developed the research and development platform for fully human nanobodies based on fully human germline genes. The team found that, due to their …

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