Therapeutic Antibodies: Bench to Market

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Challenges and opportunities in the biopharmaceutical formulation development


Dr. Frank (Yunsong) Li

Biopharmaceutical molecules such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) have complex molecular structure and degradation mechanism. It is important in the early stage of the CMC development to address those degradations by thorough formulation development with advanced analytical tools. This presentation will introduce 1. Key aspects of the mAbs degradation pathway in …

Progress and Breakthroughs of TIL therapy in Solid Tumors


Dr. Yarong Liu

This lecture will revolve around four key points: the unique advantages of TIL in the treatment of solid tumors compared with other cell therapies; clinical progress of TIL therapy in treatment of different types of solid tumors in recent years; Grit Bio's efforts on promoting the clinical translation of TIL …

Current Status, Development Process and Registration Pathways of Antibody Therapeutics for Companion Animals in Veterinary Medicine


Dr. Zhisong (Sean) Qiao, Languang Shi

The first part of this webinar by Dr. Qiao will provide an overview of veterinary therapeutic antibody development history, discuss the approved products on the market, and outline the general development process. The second part of this webinar by Dr. Shi will provide a concise overview of the current status …

Digitalizing therapeutic discovery for novel immunotherapeutic modalities and challenging targets


Prof. Weian Zhao

This lecture will introduce Aureka Bio platform's applications in the discovery of new immunotherapies such as bispecific antibodies (BsAbs) and antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), as well as for challenging drug targets including GPCR antibodies. Of particular interest, BsAbs represent a highly attractive class of immunotherapeutics that hold great potential to treat …