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What is CAS OpenData & AI?

In summer 2021, the Chinese Antibody Society launched a brand new initiative called CAS OpenData & AI. Building on our previous success with the "COVID-19 Antibody Tracker", this initiative will have an expanded scope (not limited to COVID-19) and more in-depth analysis using advanced data science tools.

Current activities include:

  • Dataset Collection and Cleaning: Utilizing our expertise and global network of experts in antibody-based therapeutics, we collect interesting, public available datasets from a variety of resources
  • Analytics, Machine Learning, and App Development: Utilizing our state-of-art cloud computing platforms, machine learning, and application development expertise, we build dashboards (such as this one) that could be of interest to the antibody science community.

AI Tools

Computer Vision

Machine learning models that analyzes data from images using models we deployed on AWS

Image to Text


Extract text and table from images, with support for handwriting recognition

Time of Service:

April 2021 - present

Version of Machine Learning Model

Version 1.0 (base)

Base Model Infrastructure

See github page


Current Dataset

We're currently brainstorming on our next dataset. If you're interested in collaboration or sponsorship, please reach out to us.

Legacy Dataset

COVID-19 Antibody Therapeutics Tracker


Analytical dashboard for COVID-19 therapeutic antibodies in development or clinical trials

Time of Service:

May 1, 2020 - Aug. 1, 2021

Number of Entries


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