Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics (AET) Collaboration

Updated on March 20, 2021
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Boston, MA – The Chinese Antibody Society (CAS) and the organizing committee of the Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics (AET) conference have entered into a collaboration in support of each other’s effort in hosting annual signature events that focus on the progress in the discovery, development, and commercialization of therapeutic antibodies.

Both CAS annual conference and the AET event have been recognized for their contributions in promoting international exchange and collaboration among professionals in the field of antibody engineering and therapeutics. The collaboration will provide mutual benefits. It will also allow the two organizations to cross-promote their events and services on a wide range of media platforms.

About the Chinese Antibody Society (CAS)

Founded in April 2016, the Chinese Antibody Society (CAS) is a nonprofit, non-governmental, international, and professional organization registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts of the United States. The mission of CAS is to bring together industry, academics, healthcare providers, and investors to connect, communicate, and collaborate on the discovery, development, manufacturing, and marketing of therapeutic antibodies. Through its programs and services, the CAS serves as a nurturing platform to foster the productive interaction and networking among its members, particularly those in both China and the United States. It also functions as a bridge to accelerate the FDA approval and marketing of antibody-based therapeutics developed in China.

About the Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics (AET) Conference

With over 25-year old history, the Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics (AET) conference and exhibition are the premier forums for scientific exchange and networking in the fields of antibody engineering and therapeutics. The conference brings the latest science, technologies and partners needed to accelerate next generation antibodies towards commercial success. The 2017 AET conference will be held from December 11th to 15th in San Diego, California. This year’s conference will feature 900+ Antibody scientist and executives, 125+ speaker presentations, 75+ exhibitors, 100+ peer submitted posters and educational opportunities such as workshops.

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