Corporate Membership(企业会员)Pre-Release


Corporate membership pre-release is here!

How it works?

If your employer is a company member of the Chinese Antibody Society, you can activate free membership using a validated email domain of your employer. Note that you must first register a free MyCAS account using your company domain email.

To activate, simply go to My Coupons . Scroll to the buttom of the page, and click on the button "Activate company membership". You will be immediately granted a 1-year regular membership if your email domain matches one of our company sponsors. No payment needed!

Which companies offer this benefit?

Find a list of sponsors here and whether they offer this benefit. We're adding more company sponsors to the list.

What kind of benefit do I get?

You will get a 1-year, regular membership that worth $60 USD. You will enjoy the same benefits as a paid member.

How long will my free membership last?

Your membership will last for a year. After that, if your company continues to offer this benefit for employees, you can activate for another year.

How many times can I activate?

Depending on the sponsorship package of your employer, we provide a limited (e.g. 20 accounts/company/year) or unlimited amount of activations per year. Each perosn can only claim once in a year.

I am already a member of CAS. Can I activate this benefit?

Yes! If you're already a regular member of CAS, and you registered using your company domain email, you can activate this benefit. If your membership has not yet expired on the day you claim this benefit, your membership will be automatically extended for another year, from its expiration date. If your membership has expired, you will get another year's free membership, starting on the date of activation.

If you're currently a lifetime member, you will NOT see the activation button.

When does this benefit expire?

The current benefit expires on 12/31/21, or when the activation quota of your company runs out, whichever is sooner. Hurry up and claim it now!

Created At

May 27, 2021, 1:57 a.m.

Updated At

Dec. 13, 2022, 2:35 a.m.