The application of transgenics and single B cell cloning technologies for therapeutic antibody discovery

Time: January 27th, Saturday, 9-10 pm, EST (Sunday, January 28th, 10-11 am, Beijing Time; 2-3 am, GMT)

Webinar abstract: Today there are at least 60 FDA approved antibodies by my count. Humanized mAbs and fully human antibodies are about 80% of these. While humanized antibodies will remain in the stream, fully human constructs are increasingly common, and growing as a proportion of mAbs in the clinic. Fully human antibodies have historically come from two discovery methods: immunization of transgenic mice which have been engineered to express human VDJ antibody sequences, or via screening of antibody libraries derived from human B-cell repertoire and presented via phage display.  Interestingly, transgenic immunizations have delivered nearly three-quarters of fully human mAb approvals versus phage display, thus provide a powerful technology platform for creating fully human monoclonal antibodies as therapeutics. The speaker will briefly review the 1st generation transgenic mouse strains and 2nd generation improved transgenic mouse and rat strains. In addition, the speaker will introduce a robust high throughput platform to generate functional recombinant monoclonal antibodies using antigen-specific B cells from lymphoid tissues of mouse, transgenics, and rabbit, as well as from human peripheral blood.

Speaker: Dr. Xinyan Zhao

Dr. Xinyan Zhao is currently the Vice President of Simcere BioPharma, a wholly owned subsidiary company of Simcere Pharmaceuticals Group located in Nanjing, China, aiming to pioneer in discovering, developing and commercializing innovative biologics drugs and challenging biosimilars for the treatment of cancer, immunological and infectious diseases.  Before joining Simcere, Dr. Zhao was head of antibody discovery working at EMD Serono and group leader of antibody development working at Morphotek Inc, leading the activities in innovative antibody discovery, functional characterization and optimization for 30+ targets, via various technologies such as hybridoma, single B cell cloning or NGS using either immunized mice or transgenic OmniRats. Dr. Zhao received her postdoctoral training in Microbiology,Immunology and Vaccine Development at University of Pennsylvania, Yale University and University of Rochester after she received her Ph.D. in Human Genetics and Genetic Engineering at Fudan University in 1999. She has been a member of American Association of Immunologists since 2002.


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