Optimization of Therapeutic Antibody Sequence

                                                 – The Art of Balance

Time: November 18th, Saturday, 9pm-10pm, EST (Sunday, November 19th, 10 am to 11 am Beijing Time)

Webinar abstract: Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies have become an important option in treating numerous diseases. Since the first therapeutic antibody Orthoclone Okt3 was approved by FDA in 1986, there are 73 recombinant antibodies approved by FDA and with over 200 new candidates are studied in clinical trials. The field of therapeutic antibody is becoming more and more competitive and the cost to develop a successful therapeutic antibody is becoming higher and higher. New methods to reduce the immunogenicity and to optimize the biochemical and biophysical properties of an antibody candidate would improve its “developability” thus shedding lights in the whole field.

Speaker: Dr. Yue Liu

Dr. Yue Liu is co-founder and CEO of Ab Studio Inc., a start-up located at San Francisco bay area aiming to support the whole therapeutic antibody R&D field with 1) novel technology platforms on making bispecific and internalization antibodies and 2) high quality antibody discovery, design and engineering services. Before founding Ab Studio, Dr. Liu was a scientist working at Elan Pharmaceutical and Prothena Bioscience and served as the leader and organizer of Prothena’s innovation club. She has supported several clinical programs on antibody humanization and leading candidate selection at Elan/Prothena. Before joining Elan, Dr. Liu was working at Dr. Bin Liu’s lab at UCSF to develop and characterize cancer specific antibody with internalization potential. Prior to that, Dr. Liu was working as a phage display scientist at DigitAb Inc. Dr. Yue Liu received her Ph.D. in Cancer biology at Sherbrooke University, Canada; her MSc. in Hematology at Medical School of Suzhou University, China and her BSc. in Zoology at Nanjing University, China.


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