Established in 1958 and headquartered in the City of Jinan, Qilu Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in China with a comprehensive industrial value chain focusing on development, manufacture and marketing of drug substances, drug products and biologics. After years of development and expanding, the company now has 9 manufacturer sites, 13 domestic subsidiaries, 10 overseas subsidiaries and over 9,000 staff worldwide. With a sales revenue of approximately $2.1 billion, Qilu Pharmaceuticals products are available in over 70 countries globally.




Founded in August 2011, Innovent aims to produce quality complex biopharmaceutical products that will be affordable to people in China and around the world. With its focus on innovation and global cGMP standards, Innovent stands out in China’s biopharmaceutical industry and has attracted investments from world-class financial firms such as Fidelity, Lilly Asia Ventures, Legend Capital, SDIC Fund Management, China Life, Temasek, Hillhouse, Ping An, Taikang Insurance Group, and others.  In 2015, Innovent entered a strategic alliance with Eli Lilly & Company to co-develop and co-commercialize multiple innovative biologics in China, while outside of China Lilly develops and commercializes multiple immuno-oncology biologics within the alliance.  The transaction not only brought the largest upfront payment from a global company to a Chinese company, but also was the first time a biologic was out-licensed to a global company for global development.




Novoprotein Scientific is a company within the ever-growing field of biotechnology and bio-research. Focusing on the production of research grade recombinant proteins, Novoprotein Scientific has completed more than 4,000 custom projects with a success rate of 85% in our twelve years of business. Every year is bigger than the last, and Novoprotein continues to grow and increase Novoprotein’s expertise in our four well-established expression systems for unique and customized projects. Novoprotein skillfully uses mammalian, E.coli, yeast, and baculovirus expression systems and have a system capacity that has since reached gram sized project scales. Novoprotein Scientific also has an impressive catalog list of over 2,000 established products of various uses and designations with guaranteed activity. Product categories include Cytokines, Chemokines, Growth Factors, Immune Checkpoints, Hormones, Enzymes, and more. Novoprotein also has offices on American shores, which not only acts as a direct contact for customer purchasing and inquiries, but also acts as an effective scientific liaison between the labs and consumer to best assist with technical questions, and to closely work with customers with their custom projects.



ACROBiosystems is a leading manufacturer of recombinant proteins. We provide high quality protein reagents to the pharmaceutical research community. The company employs an application-oriented product development strategy, with a particular focus on protein labeling technology. Our flagship MABSOL® biotinylated protein collection offers a new set of solution to assay development. These pre-labeled products have been successfully adapted to Biacore, AlphaLisa, MSD, among other established platforms. Throughout the years, ACROBiosystems keeps growing, adapting, and evolving to meet the rising expectation from the customers. Our scientists are transforming ideas into reality on a daily basis, while the support team is working around the clock to ensure all customer needs are addressed in a timely manner. We hope we can become the one-stop solution for your protein needs in near future and, in the meantime, contribute our own efforts to the development of healthcare industry.
Genscript is the world’s leading biotech company providing life sciences services and products. With gene synthesis, peptide, protein, antibody and preclinical drug development service capabilities, we are internationally recognized as a leading biotech company specializing in fundamental life sciences research and early-phase drug discovery services. As of 2015, more than 12,000 peer-reviewed journal articles cited GenScript’s services and products, making GenScript the most frequently cited biotech company in the world.




Biosynergics Incorporation (BSI) is a Nanjing-based start-up biotech company focusing on the discovery and development of the innovative biologics for the unmet medical needs. With our proprietary H3 (High-throughput High-content High-efficiency) antibody platform and SynAbTM technology, BSI is committed to the development of biological molecules with superior drug properties and/or with novel mechanism of actions to known and novel drug targets. Founded in March 2013, Biosynergics is operated by a western-trained professional team with a unique combination of drug discovery, platform operations and business development. To accelerate the speed of China-based innovative drug development, we have established multiple advanced technology platforms to support our “SynNovation 100 program” with the goal to develop first-in-class and/or best-in-class antibody drug candidates to 100 highly-selected drug targets covering oncology, autoimmune, inflammatory, and cardiovascular diseases, most of these targets are either novel or newly-validated in recent years and currently in preclinical and clinical studies around the world. During the past three years, Biosynergics has built up an extensive business relationship with numerous China-based pharmaceutical companies and has successfully delivered multiple therapeutic antibody discovery programs to our highly-valued clients.



Biointron Biological Inc. is a leading CRO and manufacturer specialized in recombinant antibody and checkpoint protein services. 1.Rapid, high-throughput production of recombinant antibodies. Within 2 weeks, we can complete production of 48+ recombinant antibodies from clones. The service starts from codon optimization and gene synthesis, and supplies mg scale of purified antibodies with SDS-PAGE and SEC-HPLC QC testing. 2.Large-scale recombinant antibody production. Within 2-3 weeks, we can supplies 100mg scale of recombinant antibody by transient expression.
3.Antibody sequencing. Within 2 weeks, we can complete antibody sequencing from hybridoma cells, 4.Recombinant protein expression. We are specialized in production of secreted proteins or extracellular domains of membrane proteins using mammalian transient expression system. Within 3 weeks, we can complete mg scale of recombinant proteins starting from gene synthesis. 5.Bulk recombinant proteins


Livzon Mabpharm Inc., a development stage biotech company, was jointly founded by two publically traded companies (Livzon Pharmaceuticals Group and JointCare). It focuses on the development, production and sales of biologics. Our facility is based in a newly built 170,000 ft2 R&D center, and designed to meet the FDA/EMA and CFDA cGMP standards. We are positioned to become a leader in the biopharmaceutical industry in China and a key player in the global market. Livzon is actively seeking partnership opportunities by in-licensing of preclinical or early-stage clinical assets for China and global market . We also seek opportunity to out-license the ex-China rights for our programs. Livzon is flexible regarding partnership business models.

Beijing Mabworks Biotech Co Ltd ( is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on discovering and developing innovative and biosimilar antibody based therapeutics for treating cancer, infectious and autoimmune diseases. The most advanced project is MIL60, which is currently in Phase III clinical trial for treating NSCLC. The Phase I clinical study for MIL62, an innovative glyco-engineered, will begin in 2nd quarter of 2017. Several innovative mAb projects including bispecific entities are in preclinical study phase with one molecule expecting to file IND with both CFDA and US FDA towards the end of 2017. Mabworks is located in E-town, the economic technological developmental area of Beijing. Its core management team consists of five returnees from USA who each have more than 10 years’ biotech industrial working experience at companies such as Genentech, Amgen, Tanox.

Hangzhou HuaAn Biotechnology Co., Ltd (HuaBio) was founded in 2007, whose headquarter is located in Hangzhou, China. HuaBio is committed to providing high-quality antibodies and antibody production service for global scientific researchers and industrial customers. Huabio has developed over 3000 antibodies including recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies, mouse monoclonal antibodies, rabbit polyclonal antibodies, phosphor-specific antibodies, secondary antibodies. Since 2015, we began to specialize in the large-scale production of recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies. HuaBio is also committed to providing the highest quality of custom antibody services in shortest-time. By now, we have accomplished more than 3000 customized antibody projects in various research fields such as Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Stem Cells, Microbiology, Signal Transduction Apoptosis and so on.


MabSpace Biosciences is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of antibody therapeutics for oncology and fibrotic disorders leveraging its immune tolerance breaking technology (IMBT)-based antibody discovery platform and translational sciences capability. This technology enables the generation of antibodies with diverse target binding epitopes and well differentiated properties. MabSpace is headquartered in BioBay, Suzhou Industrial Park, China and has an R&D facility with fully-integrated in vitro and in vivo pharmacology profiling capabilities. MabSpace’s pipeline is focused on immuno-oncology with a second generation PDL1 ab with ph-dependent antigen binding property and significant better efficacy as well as a panel of antibodies targeting different parts of tumor microenvironment for combination.

Luye Pharma Group is a professional pharmaceutical enterprise built on a solid foundation of research and development, focusing on oncology, cardiovascular system, alimentary tract and metabolism, and central nervous system. The company was founded in 1994 and now has approximately 4,000 employees, including more than 300 R&D colleagues. Luye Pharma is committed to continued growth through innovation and internationalization, and currently has seven product candidates in late phase development for global markets, including one pending US NDA application, four on-going clinical trials in the US and two near EU NDA filing.

Shanghai OPM Biosciences Co., Ltd. was established in November 2013, located in the Shanghai International Medical Park. OPM is abbreviation of Optimize. With its advanced animal cell culture concepts and process development experience, OPM commits to the development of animal cell serum-free medium and production, as well as full-range cell culture solution development. OPM customize high-quality personalized animal cell culture medium, according to different requirements, helping clients optimize the cell culture process, reduce production costs. OPM has developed a variety of chemically defined CHO/ HEK293 cell culture media and nutritional, which proves significantly improving cell growth and expression level of therapeutic protein antibodies, optimizing antibody key quality indicators.
Akeagen LLC discovers and develops potent and highly differentiated human antibody therapeutics to improve the lives of patients with serious diseases. We focus our R&D on immune-oncology and autoimmune indications, an area with highly unmet needs. Our unique approach and portfolio are based on our leading proprietary Akeagen mouse platform technologies to effectively generate innovative bi-specific antibodies with superior properties for drug development. Akeagen LLC is entering into strategic collaborations with leading global pharmaceutical companies and institutions and has multiple promising product candidates in early and late preclinical developments.

AtaGenix Laboratories specializes in researching and manufacturing customized recombinant proteins and antibodies and have extensive experience in using the major five protein expression systems to satisfy customers’ various requirements.
AtaGenix’s customized antibody platform provides antibody engineering services such as monoclonal/polyclonal antibody customization, recombinant antibody expression, antibody research and development, phage display and antibody humanization. We also utilize our own proprietary CHO-K1 cell line in carrying out research and development of protein and antibody based drugs.
AtaGenix focuses on the development of high-end protein and antibody products. Now we have protein series such as interleukin, CD molecular, cytokines protein and industrial enzyme, and antibody series like IL molecular antibody, CD molecular antibody and zebra fish antibody.



AskGene Pharma, Inc. (“AskGene”), the subsidiary of Nanjing Aosaikang pharmaceutical Ltd., is a U.S. based biotechnology firm located in Camarillo, California. AskGene’s mission is to develop and bring our patients biosimilar versions of leading global biopharmaceuticals and biosuperior molecules with validated targets. The firm was founded by a team of highly accomplished scientists from leading biotech organizations. Since then, AskGene has leveraged its scientific strengths and technical infrastructure to rapidly develop a few biosimilar and me-too molecules (monoclonal antibodies and fusion proteins), with its first asset gaining clinical approval in China in February 2017. AskGene is equipped with most advanced R&D facilities. Development is carried out with high standards of safety, efficacy and efficiency. We require our employees to have professional skills and in-depth knowledge about commercialization of recombinant therapeutics.

Bioinformatics Solutions Inc (BSI) is well known for its PEAKS software suite and service platform for proteomics discovery and therapeutic protein characterization by LC-MS. The benchmark de novo sequencing capabilities offer advanced solutions for proteomic and therapeutic protein discovery and validation, particular in comprehensive peptide mapping, quantification of modifications and sequence variants, and sequence-related impurities. The mission of BSI is to advance drug discovery through professional proteomics software and service, and by collaborating and partnering with pharmaceutical and biotech companies in protein characterization. In the past decades, BSI has been dedicating to providing solutions to computational biomedicine with machine learning and advanced algorithms to gain comprehensive knowledge from proteomics, genomics, and medicine.

AvantGen is a San Diego-based biotechnology company dedicated to novel antibody discovery (human and rabbit), antibody humanization, antibody affinity maturation and optimization for therapeutic, diagnostic and research reagent applications. AvantGen’s proprietary technology platform includes a robust yeast display system, large natural human antibody database, fully human antibody libraries, screening technologies, and novel methodologies for generating rabbit monoclonal antibodies. AvantGen has extensive experience providing services, collaborations, and partnerships to pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and academic entities in the US, Europe and China to facilitate and speed their path to antibody-based development.
Hengrui Therapeutics, Inc. is a Princeton, NJ-based biotech company dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative pharmaceuticals to address global unmet medical needs.
Vivo Capital is making investments from its $750M eighth fund into private and public healthcare companies, and from its $100M PANDA fund into promising early-stage innovative healthcare companies in the U.S. and Greater China.


Focus on innovative biological and biosimilar drugs, addressing unmet medical needs in oncology, adjuvant chemotherapy, high cholesterol, autoimmune diseases etc. Advanced technology platforms of mAb, Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) and Fusion Protein have been developed. Looking for the opportunities of collaboration and cooperation in the biological field.
A science-led biopharmaceutical company with a mission: Improving patients’ lives by identifying and acquiring differentiated innovated medicines that help people to feel better, live longer.
WuXi Biologics provides integrated end-to-end and open-access technology platforms to empower anyone to discover, develop, and manufacture biologics from concept to clinical and commercial manufacturing in a truly ONE stop.
Waters Corporation creates business advantages for laboratory-dependent organizations by delivering scientific innovation to enable customers to make significant advancements. Waters helps customers make profound discoveries, optimize laboratory operations, deliver product performance, and ensure regulatory compliance with a connected portfolio of separations and analytical science, laboratory informatics, mass spectrometry, as well as thermal analysis.
BIOCYTOGEN LLC was established in 2008, and provides the fastest gene targeting services of mouse, rat and cells using CRISPR/Cas9 and pure C57BL/6 ES cell platforms. We provide 100% guarantee.
Novabioassays has the cutting-edge technologies, expertise and instrumentation to support our clients’ protein and oligonucleotide characterization and quantitation needs through all phases of development, from pre-IND to BLA.
Yurogen provides excellent custom rabbit monoclonal antibody services with single B-cell SMabTM platform. We have delivered to clients with superior recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies with consistent performance for assay development.
Systimmune, Inc is a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of cancer through developing novel therapeutic bi-specific, and tri-specific antibodies, as well as antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).
OriGene is a global gene centric life sciences company, developing and manufacturing antibodies, research and clinical reagents and immunoassay test kits. OriGene has high throughput production capacity with facilities operating under GMP and ISO standards. Highly validated TrueMABs, UltraMABs and TrueRABs are the OriGene’s unique antibody products, especially for IHC application and assay.
We are a regulatory consulting company helping companies to file US IND/ BLA/NDA. We specialize in biologic product regulatory affairs.
Our super efficient yeast antibody library construction techniques, novel display systems and sophisticated screening strategies make the discovery of high affinity fully human antibodies much easier and faster.
AbMax provides fastest mouse mAb/monkey pAb generations and ADA/PK assay development with top quality. AbMax owns the best antigen epitope predication and removing technology to reduce antibody drug immunogenicity.