The Chinese Antibody Society joins partnership with its first International Media:

GEN (Genetic Engineering& Biotechnology News)

The Chinese Antibody Society(CAS) is honored to announce a special partnership with Media-Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), a world renowned magazine with profound impact in the biopharmaceutical field.  The GEN is CAS’ first International media partner. Prior to this, CAS has joined in cooperative deals with five Chinese Media, including: The-Intellectual, Sinayiyao, DrugRNDer (Bilingual-Chinese& English), Biotitude, Progress in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The Chinese Anitbody Society will be holding its first annual conference on April 30,2017 in the city of Cambridge, MA, USA. GEN  will be reporting the meeting. Mr. John Sterling, Editor-in-Chief of GEN, will attend the conference and kindly offer the most recent issues of GEN magazine free of charge. The maganize will be offered on  first come first serve basis.

GEN has retained its position as the world’s first and premier biotech publication since its launch in 1981. GEN publishes print edition 21 times a year and has additional exclusive editorial content online, including news and analysis as well as webinars, videos, and polls. GEN’s unique news and technology focus covers the entire bioproduct life cycle, including drug discovery, early-stage R&D, applied research (e.g., omics, biomarkers, and diagnostics), bioprocessing, and commercialization. As shown in the picture below, GEN has links displayed on its website introducing the upcoming CAS conference.

Introduction of the Chinese Antibody Society: CAS is a nonprofit, non-governmental, international, and professional organization registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, U.S. The mission of CAS is to bring together industry, academia, healthcare providers, and investors to allow better networking, communication, and collaboration in discovery, development, manufacturing, and marketing sectors of therapeutic antibodies. Through its programs and services, the CAS functions as a platform to nurture and foster productive interaction and networking among its members. Currently, members of this society are mainly composed of researchers and developers in US and China.  CAS also serves as an essential bridge to accelerate FDA approval and marketing of antibody-based therapeutics developed in China.