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Chinese Antibody Society in Antibody Research and Development

The Chinese Antibody Society (CAS) is a nonprofit, non-governmental, international, and professional organization registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, U.S. The mission of CAS is to bring together industry, academia, healthcare providers, and investors to network, communicate, and collaborate in the discovery, development, manufacturing, and marketing of therapeutic antibodies. Through its programs and services, the CAS functions as a platform to nurture and foster productive interaction and networking among its members. Currently, members of this society are mainly composed of researchers and developers in US and China.  CAS also serves as an essential bridge to accelerate FDA approval and marketing of antibody-based therapeutics developed in China.

During the past two decades, monoclonal antibodies have been widely applied to biotechnology and medicine. Important advances in protein engineering have been made to improve their efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetic profiles. These developments, along with an increased understanding of the mechanistic basis of the antibodies and the role of the immune system in disease progression, have paved the way for the next generation of antibody-based therapeutics for treatment of human diseases. Developments of novel antibody-based therapeutics have gained significant momentum in the pharmaceutical industry, which are in part manifested by the growing preponderance of antibody-based therapeutics in the portfolios of major biopharmaceutical companies. The shift in emphasis towards the development of antibody-based therapeutics has contributed remarkably to the rapid growth and expansion of the biopharmaceutical industry.

CAS, as the only global, non-profit organization for Chinese professionals working in antibody-related fields, aims to bring together the latest researches and developments on antibody-based therapeutic agents. We invite professionals who contributed to those exciting discoveries and innovations to share their vision and expertise. Therefore, we sincerely invite you to join our global community of professionals and discover new opportunities in this exciting field.

Milestones of CAS:

April 27, 2016 – the CAS Preparation Committee was founded in Boston, USA.
August, 2016 – the WeChat media platform (ID: chinese_antibody) was officially launched. To date, original articles authored by the members of CAS have been published on this platform with 20,000+ readers worldwide. These articles covered a wide range of topics such as antibody discovery and optimization, technologies in industrialization of antibody production and purification, and antibody patents.
October, 2016 – the Board of Directors and Advisory Committee of CAS were officially established. Currently, the Board of Directors consists of three members: Dr. Michael Yu, Dr. Mitchell Ho and Dr. Fubao Wang. The Advisory Committee consists of 19 members, with Dr. Mitchell Ho serving as the chair.
April, 2017 – The CAS Inaugural Annual Conference held at Cambridge, MA, USA

We invite you to consider becoming a new member of CAS. The comprehensive benefits for CAS members include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Opportunities to connect with academic and industrial professionals in the field of antibody-based therapeutics. CAS has launched a separate invitation-only WeChat group exclusive for CAS members. CAS coordinates discussions in this WeChat forum on topics such as therapeutic antibody R&D, intellectual property, job openings, and entrepreneurship strategies.
  2. Discounted registration fee for the annual CAS conference, which is to be held April 29, 2018 at Great Boston Area, MA, USA.
  3. Discounted registration fee for attending other prestigious international conferences such as IBC, BPI, PEGS. 20% discount for registration of international conference organized by CHI (Cambridge Health Institute) such as PEGS and Peptalk and 10% discount of international conference of AET (Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics) Free admission to member-only networking events organized by CAS during these conferences.
  4. Free access to member exclusive online webinars covering a broad array of topics on the challenges and solutions of different aspects of antibody-based therapeutic agents, such as their discovery and optimization, chemical, manufacturing and control, clinical trials, biologics IP issue, regulatory affairs, and investment and entrepreneurship.

Membership fee:

Regular: $60/year

Students/Postdoc: $40/year (institutional email address required for verification)

Lifetime: $400

20% OFF if you register before December 31, 2018! (Note: This discount does not apply to lifetime member)

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